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Vogue Singapore dedicates September issue to NFTs

vogue nft

Digital fashion company The Fabricant is collaborating with fashion magazine Vogue Singapore to bring NFTs to its September issue. The cover of the issue will be available as a non-fungible token (NFT) and auctioned on the digital marketplace Brytehall.

The September edition of Vogue explores the concept of “New Beginnings” by considering the emerging intersection of fashion and technology.

Through the initiative, the printed version of the magazine will feature a QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone and lead to the digital version of the issue. It includes two digital-only covers with animated audiovisuals where the scenery changes from pre-dawn to daylight. 

One of the covers features a digitally designed couture piece by The Fabricant modeled by an avatar created by Singaporean digital artist Shavonne Wong called The RenaiXance Rising. The other is designed by Chad Knight and Baelf. At the same time, 15 additional NFTs of digital couture pieces will go on sale.

Earlier this month, Vogue Singapore launched NFT mystery boxes on cryptocurrency exchange Binance featuring sunrises in ten different cities to promote its September issue. The NFTs showcase an astronaut observing the sunrises, adding a playful element to the mystical-like display of new beginnings.

“We are living through a new tech era that will radically transform our lives as we transition our existence into the virtual worlds of the metaverse,” said The Fabricant’s Creative Director Amber Slooten. ‘It’s an age The Fabricant has named The RenaiXance.” 

“Much like its original incarnation that took place 500 years ago, the RenaiXance is an era of radical social change that will create new economies and transform power structures, while enabling new ways to express our identity in ways that have never been seen before.”

Meanwhile, leading players in fashion such as Louis Vuitton and Burberry have launched initiatives with NFTs, mostly as in-game features for characters. Vogue’s attention to this emerging sector further highlights the significance digital fashion will have in developing the industry.

One of the likely developments is an increase in 3D clothing offers, such as The Fabricant’s. Gucci is exploring an initiative with Australian-based Neuno that uses the technology.

Image Copyright: Vogue