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Walmart hiring digital currency lead


Walmart is running a job advert for a Senior Director to act as product lead for digital currency and cryptocurrency. The role sits within the accounting and finance function and covers the payment options offered to customers.

The retail giant says the person should drive the Digital Currency strategy for the company and outline a roadmap. One of the responsibilities is to “Identify Crypto related investment and partnerships.”

Many companies are now exploring the use of digital currencies and cryptocurrencies for payment. Paypal started accepting cryptocurrencies for payments earlier this year, and both Visa and Mastercard have supported cards issued by cryptocurrency exchanges for some time. 

In July, Amazon posted a similar job ad to Walmart’s. Even NCR – formerly known as National Cash Register – made a cryptocurrency acquisition to enable both point of sale and ATM support. 

Walmart has also been an early adopter of enterprise blockchain applications. Back in 2018, the company set a deadline requiring suppliers of fresh leafy greens to adopt the IBM Food Trust blockchain traceability solution following a spate E.Coli and Salmonella outbreaks.

In 2019, Walmart Canada launched a freight blockchain solution that tracks shipments and also automates payments. The same year, Walmart China partnered with VeChainThor, the public blockchain, targeting food traceability, especially packaged meat. And in 2020, Sams Club in China, the member-only store, also partnered with VeChain. The company has also participated in multiple pharmaceutical traceability trials.

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