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Workday releases beta of blockchain credentials platform

Workday Credentials

Today, Workday announced that the beta of its blockchain-based credentialing services was launched this week. Its platform, Workday Credentials, uses the technology to issue and verify digital identities which can then be associated with qualifications. The WayTo app allows individuals to manage their identities on a mobile platform, and is also being tested.

As part of an annual conference, Workday revealed the launch along with project updates in machine learning and data science. The HR and financial software firm boasts half of the Fortune 50 companies as clients, plus 40% of the Fortune 500.

It has been working on blockchain-powered credentialing for some time, having contributed to the IBM Job-Creds project with Sovrin. Workday first hinted at its Credentials platform in July, explaining the need for efficiently verifiable qualifications in HR and the broader workforce.

At the time, the firm had processed client data of 70 million job applications and 100 million credentials. Less than a fortnight later, Workday purchased identity blockchain startup Trusted Key after its customers reportedly wanted the platform to grow. It’s likely evolved into Workday Credentials.

Today, the platform has reached invite-only beta. The firm claims its use of blockchain allows organizations to automatically issue and verify certifications while ensuring they are secure and owned by individuals. Enterprises could use the platform to handle job applicants, even for gig-based roles and high volumes. Meanwhile, the accompanying WayTo app has been released to conference attendees for testing.

Workday’s David Somers, VP of Talent Optimization, said: “Today’s organizations need new ways to engage and inspire a fluid workforce that brings its consumer technology expectations to the workplace.”

“Workday is infusing new technologies such as machine learning, blockchain, and advanced analytics into every inch of our solutions. This enables us to surface meaningful insights, create greater efficiencies, and deliver a more intelligent experience that is unmatched by other vendors—for the broader benefit of our customers, their employees, and their bottom line,” he added.

Workday has an impressive potential client base for its system, but will have to compete with PwC’s ‘Smart Credentials’ platform released earlier this year. Though the most significant player in the digital identity space is currently Sovrin, which welcomed blockchain firm R3 as a member two weeks ago. The UAE and US Homeland Security are among the nations exploring blockchain for worker checks.

Image Copyright: Workday