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Enterprise Ethereum Alliance gets a new leader

enterprise ethereum alliance eea

Today standard organization, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), announced Dr. Daniel C. Burnett as its new executive director. He joins after spending two years at ConsenSys where his role was Blockchain Standards Architect and he’s been a director at standards body IEEE-ISTO for more than three years. 

Former director Ron Resnick moved over to the Interwork Alliance. The Token Taxonomy Framework (TTF), which is now part of the InterWork Alliance, was initiated by the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). 

EEA announcement:

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The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) today announced the appointment of Dr. Daniel C. Burnett, a recognized blockchain leader and prominent standards expert, as its Executive Director. Burnett will serve as a catalyst for the EEA’s growth by enhancing the organization’s programming, community, and connections between businesses and startups, and the ways in which members take advantage of its global insights and resources. He will work closely with the EEA Board of Directors, Technical Working Groups, Special Interest Groups and member community to identify ways to accelerate the pace of Ethereum innovation and adoption.

With over two decades of experience in web and Internet standards, Burnett brings to the EEA his extensive network and a stellar reputation as an action-oriented leader helping to build ecosystems for blockchain as well as the standards that drive interoperability and adoption. Most recently, he served as Blockchain Standards Architect at ConsenSys, an Ethereum-focused blockchain organization and an EEA member company, where he developed standards that enabled businesses to take advantage of blockchain’s potential. 

“This is a great opportunity for the EEA,” said John Whelan, chairman of the EEA Board of Directors and Head of Digital Investment Banking at Banco Santander. “By having a dedicated leader collaborating across the EEA – from our Special Interest Groups to Technical Committees and global member base – we can continue to provide opportunities for organizations to work closer together. Dan’s passion for standards, blockchain, and technology combined with his track record of building effective programs and opportunities for global organizations make him uniquely qualified to help advance the mission of the EEA. We are delighted to have him join the EEA’s leadership team.”

“I am very grateful to the EEA Board of Directors for their confidence in me,” said Burnett. “The EEA is well-positioned to address Ethereum-based business and technology needs for both established and startup companies. I look forward to working with the EEA’s leaders and member community on solving member needs with respect to implementing, deploying, or using Ethereum technologies and paving the way to a thriving ecosystem for Ethereum-centric architectures.” 

As a member of the OASIS Ethereum Open Project Governing Board while in ConsenSys’ PegaSys standards group, Burnett was instrumental in the successful rollout of the Baseline Protocol, an open-source blockchain initiative. He is a director of the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (ISTO). He also founded the consulting firm StandardsPlay, where he advised clients how to strengthen their brands and market positions through standards leadership, representing them directly in organizations such as W3C and the IETF, as appropriate.

Previously, while working at Nuance, Burnett co‐created VoiceXML, the still‐reigning standard for Interactive Voice Response systems. Through later roles at Vocalocity, Voxeo, Tropo, and Aspect, he continued to lead the development of VoiceXML and related standards, simultaneously holding leadership positions in the IEEE‐ISTO’s VoiceXML Forum.

Burnett’s standards focus later transitioned to the development of WebRTC, the JavaScript APIs in major web browsers that provide plugin‐free audio, video and real‐time, peer‐to‐peer communications and data. An author and frequent speaker at conferences, he has received a number of awards for his groundbreaking accomplishments.