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Health n Go completes trials of blockchain health certificate with Medisupport

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Launched in May 2020Health n Go is a Swiss blockchain health certificate app built on the TIXnGO’s blockchain platform, which has been used by UEFA. As the world slowly goes back to normal, Health n Go aims to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 by identifying COVID-free individuals. Today they’ve released new information on the app’s trial, with seemingly encouraging results. For the tests, Health n Go collaborated with Swiss firms Medisupport, a laboratory network, and employees of Mitisa, a manufacturer of railway equipment that has staff that travels frequently. 

In terms of how it works, users present the app to the health professional responsible for providing their virus test. The health professional then scans the app’s QR code, checks the user’s identity, performs the test swabs, and scans the test’s sample identifier into the app. Then, the swabs are sent to be tested at Medisupport. Once complete, the test result appears on the Health n Go app as a digitally encrypted health certificate, accessible to users.

According to Health n Go, every trial user successfully received their digital health certificate. In the context of the pandemic, this means the app acts as proof that users are COVID-19 free, which is particularly useful for those who may need to travel across-borders for work during this time of travel restrictions. 

Rather than storing the sensitive test results on a blockchain, they are encrypted and stored on the user’s smartphone and blockchain is used to verify the results. Each test result has a certificate with a unique identity. This means attempts to use the certificate fraudulently can also be tracked.

“When compared to a print health certificate or even an SMS, the app is much more secure,” said Natascha Buckmann, Project Manager at Medisupport.

 It’s also envisioned that the app could be used for other virus tests, to help users who may need proof of vaccination, or proof of health, to work in virus-prone areas. 

Health n Go is a solution from Swiss-based ELCA group.

Meanwhile, other countries have begun establishing their own blockchain-based solutions to tackle the pandemic. In April 2020, the UK’s Open University released the prototype of a blockchain-based app that certifies COVID-19 immunity test results, similarly to Health n Go. In May, Norwegian assurance firm DNV GL announced its release of MyCare a blockchain-based infection risk management solution that stores evidence of companies’ effective COVID-19 policies. In July, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) took control over COVID-19 hospital reporting, with its newest HHS Protect platform that also uses blockchain technology. These are just three of many more COVID-19 blockchain solutions.