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IDC forecasts 50% jump in 2021 blockchain spending by enterprises

idc blockchain spending 2021

Today IDC published its latest blockchain spending forecast, estimating that 2021 spending will reach $6.6 billion, a 50% increase on last year. It expects to see a five year compound growth rate of 48% per annum which means nearly $19 billion is forecast for 2024 blockchain spending.

“This is an important time in the blockchain market as enterprises across markets and industries continue to increase their investment in the technology. The pandemic highlighted the need for more resilient, more transparent supply chains, healthcare delivery, financial services, and so much more, and enterprises around the world have been investing in blockchain to provide that resiliency and transparency,” said IDC’s James Wester. 

“What is also very important right now is that we are seeing real interest and investment by corporations, financial institutions, and even governments in areas they previously viewed with some uncertainty such as cryptocurrencies, digital assets, central bank digital currencies, decentralized finance, and stablecoins. This investment will have major implications in a very short time on everything from retail to financial services to capital markets.”

The major use cases attracting the most spend are similar to last year, with cross-border payments and settlements attracting the biggest chunk, followed by lot lineage and provenance, and trade finance & post trade in the third spot. Trade finance is a slightly lower proportion, moving from second to third spot. Given the pandemic, it’s not entirely surprising that there’s an increased proportion of spend on lot lineage.

In terms of industry sectors, banking is the largest, accounting for 30% of spend and is expected to stay the leading sector over the next four years, although its proportion will decline a little. Process manufacturing and discreet manufacturing come second at 20%. The highest predicted growth is seen in professional services, government, and healthcare.

Turning to geography, the United States leads in spending, making up almost 40% of spending this year at $2.6 billion, followed by Western Europe ($1.6 billion) and China ($777 million).

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