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IDC: 44% of European health providers never heard of blockchain

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As part of an IDC European survey, 290 healthcare organizations responded to questions about blockchain. The results indicate a low blockchain penetration. 44% of respondents had never heard of blockchain before. It’s only on the radar for 12% of the organizations.

23% had no clear understanding of blockchain’s impact, and 21% who do appreciate how blockchain could be used, have no plans to implement it. 8% or two-thirds of the remaining 12% are in the process of identifying use cases. 2% of the overall respondents are developing pilots. 1% have a blockchain project in production and less than 1% have multiple production initiatives.

The top three use cases identified by the IDC were transaction agreement, identity management and shared records management. Of these, 9% either already are using (1%) or plan to (8%) adopt transaction agreements within the next 12 months. The identity use case had the most in production projects at 2% with a further 6% planning adoption within 12 months. Shared records management had the most responses for no plans to use it (5%), although 1% are already live and a further 5% intend to roll out within the year.

“Only a limited number of European healthcare organizations are aware of distributed ledgers’ impact on their businesses. Investments are driven by national plans and large-scale network pilots that have identified the potential of blockchain in transforming the interoperability of health records, transaction security, and process automation in complex healthcare ecosystems,” said Giulia Besana, research analyst, IDC Health Insights.

One of the significant European blockchain projects in pharmaceuticals is part of the Innovation Medicines Initiative (IMI), which is a public-private between the EU and the European pharmaceutical industry represented by EFPIA.

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