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Blockchain group INATBA launches COVID Task Force with European Commission, University College London

COVID coronavirus pandemic

Last week, blockchain consortium, the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA), launched a task force to develop blockchain applications to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. 

INATBA, in collaboration with the European Commission and University College London – Centre for Blockchain Technologies, will work with private and public entities to dampen the effects of the global crisis. 

The INATBA COVID Task Force will identify and catalog blockchain solutions and build a database for public and private use. The database will inform participants of the readiness of the solution and additional work required to bring it in production. 

“Leveraging its position of technology, commercial and political neutrality, INATBA is uniquely equipped to lead this vital team of global blockchain leaders to address that stress and support those services,” said Marc Taverner, executive director of INATBA.

The European Commission initiated INATBA, and the consortium has over 100 founding members from enterprise and public blockchain communities. 

“As we face unprecedented challenges caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, it is crucial that we take collective action and unify our efforts to mobilize all the available tools and expertise to support the Member States to protect their citizens,” said Gerard de Graaf, an executive of the European Commission. 

INATBA provides an industry forum for blockchain developers and users to develop new applications and work alongside regulators and policymakers. 

Meanwhile, INATBA is also part of the World Economic Forum’s COVID Action Platform

And several other blockchain alliances are targeting the Coronavirus. These include an alliance of HACERA, IBM and others looking to integrate disparate data sources in MiPasa. And a group of more than 60 organizations involved in self sovereign identity initiated the COVID Credentials initiative