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Major blockchain consortia INATBA, Alastria and EC plan Convergence event


Today a new event “Convergence, the Global Blockchain Congress” was announced by the European Commission (EC), INATBA, the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum and Alastria. Convergence will take place on November 11-13, 2019 in Málaga, Spain. The organizers hope to see 1,500 visitors to the Congress.

INATBA is the global blockchain organization formed three months ago. At launch, it had more than 100 founding members drawn from both the enterprise and public blockchain communities. Founders include Accenture, Consensys, Guardtime, IBM, IOTA, R3, Ripple, and SAP. The organization has already grown to 150 members.

Alastria is the 460 strong member alliance of Spanish businesses focused on blockchain solutions.

In addition to the usual keynotes and workshops, at the Congress there are plans for a “Global Blockchain Challenge”. It’s described as “similar to a hackathon” but enabling the interaction of developers, regulators and business people to address challenges.

“As policy makers, we are keen to hear what stakeholders in the blockchain industry have to say. Convergence is a key contribution to this effort,” said Roberto Viola from the European Commission.

“At INATBA our goal is to offer those developing and those using DLT a global forum to interact with regulators and policy makers and so bring blockchain technology to the next level,” said Julie Maupin, Chair of the Board at INATBA and Director of IOTA Foundation.

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