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Miller Lite partners with Vatom Labs for blockchain customer engagement

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Today ad tech firm Vatom Labs announced its partnership with U.S. beer brand Miller Lite for a customer engagement and marketing program. Vatom Labs’ blockchain-based tokens are behind prize giveaways but also allow for accurate data tracking and fraud protection.

Miller Lite’s ‘Know Your Beer’ engagement program includes a mobile trivia game which rewards customers with a chance for an instant $5 prize. The game relies on Vatom’s blockchain solution for tracking engagements, prize attribution, and verification.

Tyler Moebius, CEO and co-founder of Vatom Labs, said: “We believe providing brands the ability to create engaging and immersive digital promotions and activation experiences that are backed by the blockchain is the next major upgrade required to usher in the new era of brand innovation.”

Vatom Labs uses non-fungible tokens, or ‘SmartMedia objects’, to provide the $5 prize immediately to a winning customer’s PayPal account. The underlying blockchain ensures the $5 cannot be copied and that valuable marketing data is accurate and immutable.

Providing a simple incentivized trivia game for adult customers, which comes with attributable data and blockchain-powered security is a promising new way of marketing, according to Lucy Bloxam, Miller Lite’s Associate Marketing Manager.

“It’s new, it’s different, its engaging and it’s positioned to gamify drinkers’ time on-premise, helping make Miller Lite top of mind for the rest of the night,” she explained.

Moebius agreed: “We have built a powerful brand activation platform that leverages a new blockchain-enabled SmartMedia object that is highly-programmable and able to deliver real tangible value from the brand to the consumer– like $5 to their PayPal account—that remains a simple mobile experience.”

Incentivizing engagement with blockchain-based tokens is more common in the sports industry. This month, the NBA announced its partnership with CryptoKitties creator Dapper Labs for a blockchain collectables app. Meanwhile, has deals with multiple football clubs for fan tokens including Juventus and Paris Saint Germain.

However, beer is a path far less travelled. This initiative takes advantage of the fact that customers drinking in a bar would hardly say no to a free, fun trivia game on their phones, which could land them an instant $5. The no-strings immediate payment is a big hook while improving the brand image and engagement of Miller Lite.

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