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MLB launches dynamic NFTs with Candy

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Candy Digital is upgrading its Major League Baseball (MLB) collectibles with the launch of a new collection of dynamic non-fungible tokens (NFTs) titled MLB ICON Leadoff. The project will feature 720 league players and five levels of scarcity.

Each collectible will include daily updates of the player’s statistics throughout the season. There will be between 2350 and 5001 NFTs minted per athlete across the whole series. 

Apart from daily updated statistics, other aspects that make the project engaging include officially licensed videos of players’ highlights that will be added throughout the season to each NFT’s multimedia showcase. There are also plans for a Play of the Day as an NFT, which Candy will make available for purchase the following day. This is reminiscent of Candy’s parent, Fanatics, which sells time sensitive physical sports gear.

Additionally, there will be eight Candy World Series NFTs put at random in packs throughout the season’s drops. 

Through this initiative, fans will be able to keep up to date with players’ performances without monitoring multiple sources or following every game in detail. Candy’s collectibles could also facilitate evaluating and valuing players for fantasy game enthusiasts.

Making NFTs interactive

At the peak of NFT popularity, having an image of a player on a screen was enough to differentiate its utility from physical collectibles. However, for the shift towards digital collections to continue to develop, platforms such as Candy will need to offer more to fans than static collectibles.

Dynamic NFTs are a solution. The potential of these collectibles in the sports industry is extensive, yet there haven’t been many examples so far. These kinds of dynamic digital assets and video content differentiate them from physical collectibles, making them more interactive and engaging. Plus, these features will likely lead owners to check them more often. 

That Candy is one of the first in sports to roll out dynamic NFTs should not be a surprise because Galaxy Digital is one of the backers. It has its Galaxy Interactive fund that has invested in numerous cutting edge gaming and NFT technologies that can enhance the further development and utility of these projects. 

Meanwhile, Candy, which is in the race for Premier League NFT rights, has partnered with NASCAR teams for race day NFTs. NASCAR itself has partnered with WAX blockchain.

Image Copyright: MLB