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Nifty’s, Warner Bros to launch Matrix NFTs

matrix red blue pill

Social non-fungible token (NFT) platform Nifty’s has partnered with Warner Bros to launch Matrix Avatars on blockchain. The franchise is using the NFT project to promote the fourth film, “The Matrix: Resurrections”, which is expected to reach cinemas this year. 

This is not Nifty’s and Warner Bros’ first partnership. Warner Bros’s Space Jam franchise was Nifty’s debut project when the platform launched earlier this year after it raised $10 million, including backing from Consensys’ Palm and Flow creator Dapper Labs. While it has now become more common to launch NFTs ahead of big movie releases as part of the promotional campaign, this was one of the first initiatives to take a go at it.

Meanwhile, The Matrix launched its first movie in 1999 and has since been captivating viewers to the point of establishing one of the most recognized and engaged fandoms in science fiction. The last Matrix movie was released more than 18 years ago, in 2003. Fans have been anticipating this new movie for quite some time.

Nifty’s is going all the way with the branded and interactive component of these digital assets, making it clear that this is not just any NFT launch. The avatars will be available for purchase at the end of the month and purchasers will be assigned a randomly-generated base avatar that will resemble ordinary people in The Matrix. Beginning mid-December, avatar owners will be given the choice of taking the Blue Pill or the Red Pill, in reference to the movie. The Blue Pill will keep the avatars locked in their current state and digital environment, while the Red Pill will transform them into Matrix resistance fighters.

In addition to the initial branded experience, Nifty’s wants to continue engagement in the platform by supporting an active online community, and launching missions that offer the opportunity to earn NFTs and upgrade user avatars. 

Overall, it seems the product will promote a well rounded and long lasting digital experience for avid Matrix fans. However, one thing to consider is that fans who have been following the franchise since its launch are now 20 years older. That is not to say that thousands of people haven’t watched Matrix since its launch. Still, those who have been anticipating the launch of the fourth movie the longest might be a bit older than the mainstream audience for NFTs that is looking to spend hours on a computer playing a mission to upgrade the look of a character on the screen. 

On the other hand, Warner Bros may be looking to attract a younger crowd to the Matrix fandom, and this project can achieve just that. 

Besides Warner Bros, many other leading production companies are establishing their positions in the NFT space. Fox invested $100 million to launch an NFT division, launched an animated series curated entirely on blockchain, and partnered with WWE for NFTs. Disney will launch digital collectibles with VeVe. As for Warner Bros, the company also launched NFTs ahead of the blockbuster movie Dune

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