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Sims Creator Will Wright enters Web3 with VOXverse, partners Dreamworks

voxverse dreamworks trolls

Will Wright, designer of The Sims, and founder of Gallium Studios, has partnered with Gala Games on a new metaverse venture, VOXverse. This week, Wright shared a glimpse into the world of VOXverse, detailing information on multiple aspects of the cube-shaped worlds. The game also recently partnered with Dreamverse.

In a Youtube video, Wright explores some of the themes, the economic systems led by the players, and the multidimensional social networks that would be an integral part of the game. While Wright described the importance of the ‘things’, ‘money’ and ‘time’ segments of the economy, he also emphasized the role of social relationships within the game, faintly mimicking the concept that was popular in The Sims. The worlds are said to be almost completely player constructed, with the ability to own plots.

An important aspect of the VOXverse is that it would not be exclusive to just Vox-holders but free-to-play as well, extending access to casual players. VOXverse seems all set to compete with The Sandbox metaverse,

with similar features, including ownership, voxel models for building, and games within the metaverse.

The entire effort has seen an investment of over $25 million funded by blockchain developer Gala Games. Earlier this year, Gala also announced its deal with game engine company Unity to support the development of the metaverse. This week also saw Gala partner with Upland, a city-building metaverse in a step towards metaverse interoperability.

Wright’s announcement also highlighted that the metaverse would contain characters in the form of digital collectibles, or VOX, from different universes – including DreamWorks Trolls and AMC’s The Walking Dead, each featuring 8,888 collectible NFTs. Meanwhile, Gala Games’ coin market capitalization is currently valued at $254 million, down from a peak of $5.4 billion last November.

Image Copyright: VOXverse / Gala Games