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SIX Digital Exchange, Visa join Hyperledger

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Yesterday enterprise blockchain alliance Hyperledger announced eight new members, including the SIX Digital Exchange (SDX) and Visa. The news came just in advance of the member summit, which launches virtually today.

The addition of Visa is not a big surprise. Its B2B Connect payments solution leverages Hyperleger Fabric and it has previously done work on trusted execution environments (TEE), an area that overlaps with the Hyperledger Avalon project. The company has extensive interests in blockchain, apart from supporting debit cards for cryptocurrency platforms. It was an initial participant in Facebook’s Libra though it eventually withdrew. And it is a backer of Anchorage, the digital asset custody solution.

New member SIX Digital Exchange (SDX) may be slightly less obvious given its core settlement solution leverages R3’s Corda. However, R3 is also a Hyperlegder member. Here’s SDX’s take:

 “We feel that it is key that we bring our insights to the table to help drive the formation of a global financial market ecosystem that drives new products, services and business models,” said Tim Grant the Head of Business at SIX Digital Exchange. 

Other notable additions include SIMBA Chain, which started life working on U.S. defense contracts. It now has several offerings, including a Smart Contract as a Service solution targeted at developers who don’t want to get their hands too dirty with the blockchain itself. It integrates with numerous blockchain platforms, including Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Quorum, RSK and Stellar. 

New member Chainstack provides blockchain as a service, including supporting Hyperledger Fabric. 

Solution provider and new member Emurgo is associated with the Cardano public blockchain where another associate, IOHK, joined three months ago. The other three additions are Korea’s CreativehillDeepDive Technology and Valid Network.