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Škoda enters the metaverse with launch of Škodaverse


Automobile manufacturer Škoda has launched its first experience in the metaverse, run on The Nemesis web3 platform with Ready Player Me avatars. The blockchain-enabled Škodaverse aims to provide immersive virtual experiences as well as NFTs for Škoda customers.

Users are able to create their own full-body 3D avatars, explore eMobility tools, and participate in virtual test drives of the ŠKODA ENYAQ COUPÉ RS iV. In addition, art enthusiasts can visit the Škoda NFT gallery to view the “We Love Cycling” NFT collection celebrating female cyclists.

A quick metaverse review

Compared to some other web3 metaverse experiences, this one felt richer with a few neat features. But it would help if you had quite a bit of patience. For starters, on a laptop, it took a good three minutes to load anything into the browser. And given the lack of a progress indicator, you might assume it isn’t working.

What was neat about it? In addition to the 3D NFT gallery, you can go to the seaside, where there’s a swimming pool. And if you accidentally slip into the water, it turns out your avatar knows how to swim. There’s an arcade where you can play games. And you can even go for a test drive in a Skoda. Don’t be disappointed that when you hit another Skoda it doesn’t seem to get a dent.

Overall for creativity, at this stage of the metaverse evolution, Skodaverse scores high marks. But usability, not so much.

I’d heard about the Skoda test drive and wanted to give it a go, but after visiting the beach, I couldn’t find my way back. I ended up reloading and had that additional three-minute loading wait. I almost got stuck in the arcade the same way but eventually realized I could jump on top of the elevator. The arcade had some games, but the games didn’t have instructions. Maybe they’re obvious to some, but not everyone!

So while TheNemesis is perhaps a little more glitchy than other web3 metaverse experiences, because it’s richer, I came away more inclined to give it another try in the future.

Others are taking the plunge

Škoda is not the only auto-manufacturer betting on the metaverse and NFTs as a marketing strategy in 2022. Skoda is part of the VW group, and Volkswagen South Africa launched an NFT advertising campaign for the arrival of its new Polo this year. Lamborghini also launched its third NFT project entitled “The Epic Road Trip“, a digital collectibles series that culminated in the unveiling of a new Lamborghini model.

Ready Player Me’s cross-game Avatars were also chosen in a recent Ozworld footwear collection project launched by Adidas. Ready Player Me allows digital characters to traverse the metaverse across 1500 apps and games.