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Singapore Tribe Accelerator announces blockchain directory platform


On Wednesday Tribe Accelerator announced a new initiative, OpenNodes, to collate Singapore’s blockchain ecosystem under one umbrella. The blockchain accelerator is supported by the Singapore government and has received the backing of Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) for its new project.

OpenNodes will allow government agencies, corporates and blockchain companies to connect through the single online platform, said Tribe.

“This platform will bring the key stakeholders of the blockchain ecosystem closer together, consolidating efforts towards mass adoption,” Philip Heah, Assistant Chief Executive, Technology Infrastructure Group, IMDA.

OpenNodes will act as a directory for its participants to communicate with peers in Singapore’s blockchain ecosystem, providing collaboration opportunities. Blockchain startups in the city-state will also be able to connect to other blockchain communities across the world, said Tribe.

“We want this platform to serve as an accessible common ground for blockchain special interest groups and business ecosystems to come together, and advance blockchain adoption,” said Ryan Chew, Managing Partner of Tribe Accelerator. OpenNodes is expected to be launched by the end of 2019.

Singapore has been at the forefront of adopting blockchain technology in governance and business. According to a report published by US-based employment platform LinkedIn, blockchain is the fastest-growing skill in Singapore and other Asia Pacific countries.

In a thriving blockchain environment of Singapore, Tribe Accelerator has capitalized on bringing together several startups and is promoting the mainstream adoption of the distributed ledger technology.

Earlier this year it announced its partnership with BMW, Intel and Nielsen to leverage the knowledge of the established corporations. Soon after, it announced the onboarding of startups, most notable ones being SgCarMart, Chorus mobility and TEMCO.

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