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Tapscott, WEF blockchain headline 2020 Hyperledger Global Forum

hyperledger global forum 2020

Today the Agenda for the second Hyperledger Global Forum was announced. Last year the enterprise blockchain event was in Switzerland in January, but this time it’s in sunny Phoenix, Arizona on March 3-6. In case you wondered, the temperature should be somewhere around 75°F (24°C).

Two keynote speakers announced today are Don Tapscott, Co-author of the Blockchain Revolution, and Sheila Warren, Head of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology at the World Economic Forum.

“Leaders in enterprise and government who not just embrace this new technological transformation, but lead it, will reap the benefits,” said Tapscott. “However, blockchain needs stewardship and forums like this are critical to understanding, partnerships, governance and widespread adoption.”

If the event is anything like last year’s it will be jam-packed full of useful information and potential contacts.

“The inaugural Hyperledger Global Forum in Basel energized our community and helped drive much of the momentum we’ve seen on the development and deployment fronts in 2019,” said Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger. “Hyperledger Global Forum 2020 will bring even more people together for a deep dive into all things Hyperledger.”

The sessions are a balance of both business and technical tracks, and we found there are speakers you rarely see at other events.

For example, while IBM may have a presence at numerous conferences, Gary Singh its Blockchain CTO tends to stay off the radar, despite being a natural speaker. He will be talking about the oxymoron sounding “Decentralized control”.

There will be talks about projects which many will already be familiar but also those that are newer. In the latter case, the ethereum client that has been open-sourced as Hyperledger Besu will have at least three talks.

And several enterprises that you don’t often hear will be giving presentations. These include demos from Visa about its Visa B2B Connect payments system, David Cecchi from Cargill on a panel about supply chain interoperability, Telefonica discussing taking a project into production, and a keynote from Robert Palatnick of the DTCC (and also Chair of Hyperledger’s board).

The early bird registration discount will end on 18 December.

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