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Indeed says Deloitte, IBM, Accenture top hirers for blockchain staff

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A recent analysis by jobs portal found that job searches for blockchain and cryptocurrency have declined, but employer demand has soared. Between September 2015 to September 2019, job postings per million grew 1,457%, while the share of searches per million increased 469%.

But the stated figures were mostly due to the bull run of bitcoin back in 2017. In the past year, job postings per million on Indeed increased by 26%, while searches per million decreased by 53%. The report attributes the fall in searches to a decline in job seeker interest owing to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, employers are committed to developing blockchain technologies.

The report observed that software roles make up the highest percentage of crypto and blockchain jobs. Deloitte, IBM, Accenture, Cisco and Collins Aerospace are the top five companies hiring for crypto and blockchain roles. Another consultancy, EY, comes in at number six. But the proliferation of blockchain technology is not limited to one industry and startups are popping up everywhere.

The data covered both blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and the top six appear to be firmly in the enterprise blockchain camp. One startup – ConsenSys – falls into both sectors. Earlier in the year it was in the top ten but has now fallen to number 13 on the list of top hirers.

Meanwhile, crypto companies such as Coinbase, Ripple, Circle and Kraken also make it to the list of top hirers on Indeed. In the financial space, JP Morgan and Signature Bank are increasingly hiring blockchain and crypto talent and come in at #14 and #15, respectively, on Indeed’s list.

As mentioned earlier, blockchain and crypto hires are not limited to a single industry. Defense contractor Collins Aerospace is using blockchain to make supply chains efficient and increase defense against cyber-attacks. Another company is retailer, which launched its venture capital arm Medici Ventures to invest in blockchain ideas. Back in 2018, it said it would pivot the entire firm to blockchain.

So, what are the most popular job roles within the blockchain and crypto sphere? Indeed lists five tech roles which are the most popular — software engineer, senior software engineer, software architect, full stack developer and front end developer. Indeed suggests familiarizing with basic cryptography, peer-to-peer networks and a language like C++, Java, Python or JavaScript to land one of these roles. But to stand out, learning new languages like Hyperledger, Bitcoin Script, Ethereum’s Solidity and the Ripple protocol would be the way to go.

Indeed says companies are ramping up hiring for crypto and blockchain roles. It expects the trend to continue into 2020, despite price volatility and regulatory uncertainty around cryptocurrencies. The job interest might fluctuate with the price of bitcoin, but hiring for technology development is growing at a steady pace.

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