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Binance launches blockchain NFT ticketing with Lazio

SS Lazio football soccer

Binance is partnering with Italian football team S.S. Lazio to launch a NFT ticketing system for the 2022/23 season. While a key aspect of the blockchain-driven solution is preventing counterfeit tickets, it will support a range of functions including access to matches, store discounts and LAZIO fan token giveaways.

Marketing Director of S.S. Lazio Marco Canigiani highlighted other perks that accompany the NFT tickets. “Our fans who explore this new technology will enjoy discounts for Europa League matches and online merchandise purchases, as well as additional rewards and unique experiences.”

Before this, the development of blockchain-enabled digital ticketing has mostly focused on tackling counterfeit tickets and extortionate pricing on resale tickets. Many venues have started to adopt blockchain ticketing, the UK’s Wembley Stadium, West Bromwich Albion FC, Dutch football club Ajax and even the Boston Symphony Orchestra

The French government has recommended blockchain ticketing for major sporting events after the ticketing fiasco at the UEFA Champions’ League final. The match was delayed due to chaos caused by counterfeit tickets. Ironically, the stadium’s ticketing system was already integrated with SecuTix to use blockchain tickets but Liverpool FC had chosen for all their tickets to be issued on paper. 

SecuTix is arguably the main player developing this anti-counterfeit technology for sports venues. Its blockchain based platform, TixNGo, allows users to buy, transfer, resell and securely store digital tickets. It also pioneered the use of 3D seating maps and gives event organizers analysis on sales and how customers purchase tickets. 

However, using digital ticketing as a collectible to drive fan engagement is a recent evolution. Since Binance issued Lazio’s fan tokens, NFT ticketing is arguably the natural next step in its partnership with the club. Through this pilot, Binance could pioneer another practical application of blockchain-based tickets, using Web3 technology to enhance fan experiences.

“Blockchain enabled NFT ticketing has the potential to branch out beyond sports and take its roots in the broader entertainment industries,” said Binance Fan Token Lead, Zoe Wei. Whether this use of NFTs takes root remains to be seen. 

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